Best Slot Machines

It’s always difficult to determine what the best slot machines actually are simply because different people have different preferences. Some people like movie themed slot machines like the Fantastic 4 slot machine and others prefer game show slots like the Blockbusters slot machine or the Family Fortunes slot game.

What we are going to do on this page is pick our best slot machines from various different categories so no matter what type of slot machines you’re into you’ll be able that interests you.

Best Movie Slot Machines

There’s hundreds of movie slot machines and over the past few years they’ve been seriously popular among the online slot community. We’ve seen the likes of the Marvel comic slot machines take off in popularity and we’re opting for one of them as our best movie slot machine:

Fantastic 4 Slot Machine

The Fantastic 4 slot machine is our best slot machine when it comes to those based around movies. The slot itself has five different reels and twenty five pay lines to choose from, there’s a progressive jackpot which is always growing and the Fantastic 4 bonus feature round is one of the best available giving players the chance to choose from one of five different bonus features each based on a different character from the movie. The biggest regular jackpot available is 5,000 coins but the progressive jackpot is often into the hundreds of thousands!

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Best Quiz Show Slot Machines

Everyone loves a good quiz show and there’s no shortage of different quiz slot machines. All the classic quiz shows such as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Blockbusters and Family Fortunes have been turned into online slot machines and it’s tough to pick which is the best:

Family Fortunes Slot Machine

It was a tough choice but when it comes to the best slot machines that are based on quiz shows we’ve opted for the Family Fortunes slot. It offers players the chance to win a top jackpot of 10,000 coins, two different bonus rounds which are easily activated and plays across 5 reels and 20 different pay lines. It’s a classic family quiz show and the slot machine really does a good job of capturing the essense of the game offering symbols such as Big Money and Double Money.

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Best Horse Racing Slot Machine

Horse Racing is one of the most popular sports when it comes to gambling so there’s no surprise that there’s plenty of horse racing slot machines to choose from. Often though you’ll find that slot machines based on horse racing are a little dated so when we came across the Champions of the Track slot we knew it would be our top rated slot in this category.

Champion Of The Track Slot

The Champion of the Track slot machine game is played across 30 pay lines and 5 reels, it offers players the chance to win cash prizes via more than one bonus round and it includes a skill stop feature which can be turned on or off. The thing we like best about the Champion of the Track slot machine is the way they’ve integrated a fruit machine style board, called the career path, around the edge of the slot. As you make your way around the board you win different prizes and it’s not only a good way to pocket a little extra cash but it also adds a touch of uniqueness to gameplay.

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